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An important report from the GSMA Intelligence (GSMA Intelligence) 2014, a research institute of the GSMA (GSM Association), states that by 2020, smart phones will account for two-thirds of global mobile connections. Today’s 2017 has reached the 5 billion mark. This new report titled “Smart Phone Forecasts and Assumptions 2007-2020” found that today’s smart phones account for one-third of the number of mobile connections. Represents more than 2 billion mobile connections. The report predicts that the number of smart phone connections2 will triple in the next six years, reach 6 billion by 2020, and now “2017” will reach 5 billion, which will account for two-thirds of the 9 billion mobile connections. . Data terminals such as basic mobile phones, feature phones, and tablet computers, adapters, and routers will occupy the remaining number of mobile connections. The study did not include machine-to-machine (M2M) in the total number of connections.

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2017 Mobile Data Data Mobile Web Page Design has become the main source of traffic – Source GSMA Intelligence

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The problem that companies must face is that the search service trends of the three major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) have become more linguistic and regionalized. If you frequently travel around the world, you will find it when you are in the same country. The search results are very different, and the search engine will give different regional search results depending on where you go online and how you surf the Internet. The multilingual translation service is the trend to satisfy the search engine.。

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